Kevin is a born and bred Islander who knows the Island from tip to tip. Kevin and his wife Debbie live in Stratford, PEI. And have two married sons, Mark and wife Jenn,  Brian and wife Marina. Three of the great joys of Kevin’s life are his granddaughters Addison and Eliana and grandson Luca. Kevin’s 10 year old home is the 4th home he has built himself, which gives him an in depth knowledge of what it takes to build a good home, a solid list of required contactors in the area, and hands on knowledge of what to look for when assisting buyers to find a home. Kevin’s approach is simple when searching for a new home for buyers. “I just treat my buyer the same as if I was finding a home for one of my son’s” .

“One of the reasons I love my role as a realtor is that look on a buyers face when I drop off my client gift after the sale. When you look in their eyes and see that look of total satisfaction and happiness with having completed one of the biggest purchases in their lives! “ That says it all.


Although Kevin is a true Islander he has travelled extensively as a volunteer President of Softball Canada for the past 18 years and North American VP of CONPASA for the past twelve years. Kevin has had the opportunity to visit every continent except Antartica in his travels. He has negotiated agreements with and learned the cultures of people from around the world. These skills he puts to use every day in Real Estate transactions as PEI’s population becomes more and more diverse. So whether you are buying or selling a home you want this world class negotiator on your side.


It is not uncommon for Kevin to be the first one to work and the last one to leave as he continually displays a solid work ethic. He believes that success in real estate is all about developing relationships with his clients, his friends. He has built a successful real estate business based on referrals so you can be sure that Kevin will work tirelessly for you in a manner that displays the utmost respect, integrity and professionalism.

In his Real Estate business he followed a very simple principle...


“ The difference between history’s boldest accomplishments and it’s most staggering failures is often ... simply ... the diligent will to persevere!!” “ No matter what happened in the past, the future is spotless!!”


Over the past 12 years Kevin has achieved 100% Club status each year and most recently has achieved Platinum status. His sales have placed him in the ReMax Hall Of Fame. So, if you are buying your first home, your first business, your first income property or you are downsizing from your current home, Kevin has experience in all areas. If you are ready to sell a property he has a proven track record in selling his listings. Kevin will work hand in hand with you to remove as much of the stress or fear of impending changes as possible. He will take care of the details while you go about your daily life.